Once Again, It’s Not Who’s the First…

…but who’s the first, with style and with “WOW!”.

Everyone’s now enjoying [well, not everyone; those with Android and iPhone] and praising Layar, the Augmented Mobile App. I haven’t actually tried it, but have followed its development history for a while and it looks neat. Check out the video on AppJudgement below:

For some reason I bumped into one blog post about Nokia Augmented Reality App. So what, you may ask? Well, the post is from 2006.

I dug a little deeper and also found this MARA Overview and I have to ask, what’s wrong with this picture? Why haven’t anyone raised even a small hype of this when this was written – or maybe someone did, but in a more sustainable manner that could perhaps still resonate in people’s ears?

There’s even a sentence in the bottom “MARA was featured by MIT Technology review here, and listed as one of their 10 emerging technologies for 2007″. Maybe I’m a bit simple, but if MIT tells you that something’s going to be big soon, aren’t you kinda in a hurry?

So once again, do I have to even ask why Layar has gotten so big and is reviewed and talked about everywhere?

Here’s one promo vid of a possible AR concept from Nokia. Would be nice to know if is this actually just a video of an idea, or a real concept under development.

And if it’s just a vid, what’s the reason to put out something clearly as expensive production as this, if it isn’t real and only got about 26 000 views versus 767 000 of Layar’s real concept?


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