Is This Really Civilized?

Drunk people littering, vomiting and making noise everwhere, old kitchen appliances thrown into a creek, “foreigners should handle their own problems and starve to their war torn countries but not come here”, “I don’t care, life sucks, everything and everyone is bullshit: let’s drink until we’re sick enough for the society to support us”.

Are these really the characteristics of a civilized western country?


4 thoughts on “Is This Really Civilized?

  1. Well, yeah. And the trains were late, again.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention how one guy was so wasted that he broke two beer bottles on the train platform before he [or actually his girlfriend] got the third one open.

    • Thanks for stopping by Petteri!

      Well, I believe these are more characteristics of the whole country, not just Lahti, which is sad and in the same time very alerting. How can you call something a civilized western country if the culture of doing alcohol is like this? Sometimes this kind of culture may have devastating effects in the lives of these people. Trust me, I have seen it very closely.

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