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Here’s a couple of interesting related to the mobile field.

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Once Again, It’s Not Who’s the First…

…but who’s the first, with style and with “WOW!”.

Everyone’s now enjoying [well, not everyone; those with Android and iPhone] and praising Layar, the Augmented Mobile App. I haven’t actually tried it, but have followed its development history for a while and it looks neat. Check out the video on AppJudgement below:

For some reason I bumped into one blog post about Nokia Augmented Reality App. So what, you may ask? Well, the post is from 2006.

I dug a little deeper and also found this MARA Overview and I have to ask, what’s wrong with this picture? Why haven’t anyone raised even a small hype of this when this was written – or maybe someone did, but in a more sustainable manner that could perhaps still resonate in people’s ears?

There’s even a sentence in the bottom “MARA was featured by MIT Technology review here, and listed as one of their 10 emerging technologies for 2007″. Maybe I’m a bit simple, but if MIT tells you that something’s going to be big soon, aren’t you kinda in a hurry?

So once again, do I have to even ask why Layar has gotten so big and is reviewed and talked about everywhere?

Here’s one promo vid of a possible AR concept from Nokia. Would be nice to know if is this actually just a video of an idea, or a real concept under development.

And if it’s just a vid, what’s the reason to put out something clearly as expensive production as this, if it isn’t real and only got about 26 000 views versus 767 000 of Layar’s real concept?

Presentation Notes 22.4. @Demola: Mobile Cloud Apps

Sami Inkinen – Mobile Cloud Apps

“I’ve always been doing cloud computing” Larry Ellison.

If you want to have a widely distributed app, you should think of doing it to mobile web. Browsers are already good enough, so usually it’s safe to think of doing this.

Some figures:

  • Total 325 000 web sites optimized for touch mobile usage
  • 200 000 mobile apps available from iPhone, Ovi, Android and Blackberry app stores (ABI Research, March 2010)
  • In 2008, already 42.8 million mobile cloud computing subscribers worldwide

Mobilization steps

1. Optimize usability for mobile
– New apps from scratch
– Migrating existing desktop Web apps

2. Make it behave like an app, not like Web page
– Fast response and response rates

3. Implement native look-and-feel
– Graphical elements and styling
– Effect libraries


  • Fast and cost-effective development
  • Seampless updates as software is entirely running on server
  • support across phone models and OS
  • Native application like look-and-feel possible


  • Higher data transfer rewuirements
  • Longer start-up time than with installed apps
  • Slower execution than native software
  • Limited offline usage
  • Limited access to phone peripherals
  • No app store marketing support (I don’t actually agree with this, because as I see it, it’s just a new affiliation model that is needed here)


Mobile apps based on cloud tech are a viable alternatives to native aps – for piloting and producing implementations alike.

Karri Huhtanen – Mobile cloud challenges


  • If you want to be born global, your service and apps must be built global.
  • A good, scalable architecture and code from the start is even more important than before. My comment: If you fail to give a good experience from the start, it just may be that they won’t come back.
  • From Slashdot effect to Facebook effect.


Reliability is provided by the cloud, endurance and robustness must be built by you.

Internet is broken –> connection between mobiles and services are and will be unreliable.

Your app and service must handle the Interner problems while maintaining good user experience. My comment: The problem is that you must find a reliable service provider. And the user, he or she doesn’t really care: if your connection suck, you suck. Even if it’s not “your fault”.


Q: Have to market your native apps without things like OVI store or Apple AppStore?
A: One possibility is in building a good brand around your company or service.
– Possibly other cloud stores.
– Of course Social media: through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. My comment: Actually it’s like in any good marketing; you have to have imagination, courage, know where your clients are and who they are, and in the top of it all: differentiate yourself from others and make an interesting product.

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