Marko Teräs

Dr Marko Teräs works as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Academy of Finland research project “Speculative social science fiction of digitalization in higher education: Towards a humanized digital future” at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Sociology) in Tampere University. He is the lead of Critical Applied Research of Digitalization in Education (CARDE) research group and one of the founders of CreditEd network.

Dr Teräs has a broad professional history with research and development projects in online learning, HCI, virtual reality, virtual environments, digitalization and datafication, and has worked in Tanzania, the UAE, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Currently his main research focus is sociology and philosophy of digitalization and datafication in education, speculative fiction and utopian thinking. He is also looking at combining Foucauldian discourse analysis with speculative social science fiction and techniques from Brechtian epic theater.

He also explores and examines his research interests of technology, power and the bodily subject through poetry, fiction writing and music.