The Problem of Group Work

Image by Asha ten Broeke

Is the people of the group.

There the Big John, always too loud and drowning other people’s perspectives under his own opinions which are rarely based on reality [or when innovating, are too strongly based on it].

There’s the silent Annie, listening to what all other members are talking about, hatching her own perspectives, paralyzed to bring them to the table.

There’s also Charlie; the silent critic and the other silent character of the pack, thinking inside his mind “Oh the Big John is so wrong with his ideas, if only they would listen to me sometimes, I know better!”.

And then there’s the Manager [we won’t even give him a name here because he is totally irrelevant in the situation], sitting there with his hands straight, trying to keep everyone happy, although what he should be doing, is to get something tangible and “next-level” out of the meeting.

Fortunately, after two hours or so, the meeting is over and the Manager summarizes how great the meeting was – the rest of the congregation nodding approvingly because he achieved to do what they hoped him: to save everyone’s faces throughout a social authority situation that should have been a productive get-together of people fighting for the same goals.


One thought on “The Problem of Group Work

  1. I have always been between Annie and Charlie. But after a namable manager said the obvious: “a great idea will never be a great action if it never becomes words” I have been more of a character you don’t describe. Possible because it is a different kind of group work, but where the manager deserves to be named because of his skills to turn a pseudo-group work into a pleasant round table of ideas. 🙂

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