Innovation Builds on Innovation

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March has been a really crazy month, I’ve started at the Hub and also trying to get few new concepts forward. As I’ve flown through the month, I’ve learned many new and also old lessons about creativity, innovation and collaboration. Here’s some of them for you to chew on.

1. Innovation builds from innovation

When you have an ecosystem which feeds from innovation you have much better chances to get more creative things happening. Environment which is cynical, slow, stuffy, boring and joyless won’t create innovation – who would have guessed!

I believe the Hub and the whole building at Finlayson is becoming something of an innovation ecosystem, if we just allow and nurture it to become it.

In this we need collaboration between all the people there. The worst thing that could happen, is that different departments just started doing their separate things without knowing what the others do – I’ve seen this happen in many places and it’s dumb, yes D.U.M.B.!

For example one of the reasons Silicon Valley is like Silicon Valley, is that it has slowly but steadily become an ecosystem of innovations where the people from the fields of business, education and tech have a beneficial environment and culture.

2. You have to really want it

Those really innovative ideas sound stupid or hard to carry out. Actually that’s the whole point of it, we would have too many of them if they were that easy to do (or not exactly, because the level of what is innovative will always rise based on what is innovative at the time).

But the key point is in that you really need to want to do them and it takes time. Lately I’ve heard so many times that old sentence (read: an excuse), like a broken record, “I have this great idea, but don’t have time to do it”.

Well, get time or stop dreaming about it! We all have great ideas, those who will execute them are the ones who are the innovative ones. Without the execution part you’re just a dreamer and we have plenty of those.

3. You need others to make you fly

We have a problem of looking up to guys like Steve Jobs and thinking that everything they have achieved is single handedly made by them, that their success is all about them doing it and they are something of a superhuman.

Of course these are extraordinary people (and Steve could be a superman) who have a passion and energy towards the things they focused on, but they are also people who knew to skate where the puck would be next. Still, they have always needed other people to make their ideas fly.

When you next time visit the Finlayson area, say hello to someone you don’t know yet. Maybe something great will come out of that conversation – I’ve seen that already happen many times.

So for the love of God, please network in the real way if you ever want to achieve anything great!

4. See opportunities in everything

When you meet new people and they say, for example, that their current project is to meet every person in the world, you don’t grin, you ask them how?

It is your duty as an innovative change agent to make sense about other people’s ideas and understand them. If something sounds too over the top for you, well, level up!

In these cases I always like to think about the idea about an aeroplane: “We want to put 1000+ kg or iron in the sky and 200+ people in there with single packed food and movies for everyone in their own little TV screens”. So what do you think would have happened if the other person said “Sure you do” and went on its way? Nil.

Short lesson in seeing opportunities and grabbing them before they smash you in the face:

  1. Listen to people, really listen to them
  2. Get over of your old schemas, they prevent you from leveling up.

Nuff said, stop reading about it but go and free your mind.


2 thoughts on “Innovation Builds on Innovation

  1. KaroKaro approves of this! But then again, KaroKaro often agrees with Alpaca in many things! I think people can do anything they want to if they put their minds into it. When I started planning setting up my own company I made a conscious choise about thinking about myself as someone who knows about these things and believing in my dreams. It didn’t always come naturally but I learned how to believe in myself and how to believe in what I do and I think the attitude is the key of success.

    I’ve seen companies with people who think “well, I know something about this but not that much” and instead of trying to focus on the positive things (“I know quite a lot but there’s still lots to learn”) they’re afraid of talking to the customers because they fear the customers will think they’re not good enough. I met two of these entrepreneurs yesterday and tried to coach them into thinking more positive about themselves and their skills and I think I actually made a difference.

    I wouldn’t mind coaching people in how to present them in a way that actually makes them look good. It’s related to what we were talking about on Monday, remember? I think we really should do it to make the world a better place! 🙂

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