Just Be the Best that You Can

Aim and focus are the cornerstones of success in life. Endurance is the plaster. Staying average is a choice. Stop reading here, if you have chosen to be average. The rest of you, read forwards.

<If then>

From where do you think the people creating video games where characters have to face obstacles in order to level up and gain more powers, knowledge and skills, get their ideas? The ideas are merely a reflection of life.

Think what you want to achieve and figure out the steps – it most likely needs more than one iteration though. If you don’t currently know what you want to do, do at least something.

It’s best to do something to evolve and “stay in shape”. Everything you do in life adds up and you never know where you may end up using and combining the things you didn’t want to do. Just staying home whining and blaming the world or the society isn’t taking you anywhere, you are responsible of your life, not your mommy.

It can take years to find out what you are here for – and as if it always stayed the same throughout your life. Hopefully your thing ends up being a weird combination of different things that gives birth to something totally new.

To really evolve and to be the best that you can is to see opportunities everything; in situations where life throws you, in meeting people [new AND familiar], in helping someone, even if it looks like you don’t get any pay or thanks from it in the beginning. And the most important thing is to see an opportunity in the midst of despair.

Life is a game, determine your own rules. It’s for you to decide which one are you, an advocate or an adversary? Here’s a video for you to watch. Hopefully it gives you determination and hope.


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