Thursday Research Bulletin 23.7.2015

Let’s call it a Thursday, although it’s Friday.

About this week

A 3-day academic writing seminar took most of the time this week. Still, very good and interesting stuff there. I love writing, so it’s always great to have a chance to learn something new and kill some of those old bad habits in it.

There’s also two different research collaborations finding their existence in Europe. The other one is to do with embodied human-computer interaction and the other one, slightly related to that, is to do with gamification, HCI and learning. More about these quite interesting developments when something more to report.


Although the writing workshop took most of the week, I was able to finish one paper to be presented at the annual colloquium here at Curtin University. It’s basically a phenomenological literature review on what virtual embodiment has been described to be like, and what gives birth to its experience, in previous research literature. I thought I’d just put the working paper out there (going to turn it to a journal article in the very near future), so here’s a link to ResearchGate if you want to have a read: Virtual Embodiment in Virtual Environments.

From the web

It’s annoying when you are looking at houses online and it says ‘virtual tour’, but then it’s almost always basically just static pictures. I thought this was finally more towards the right direction:

Interesting readings this week

Someone posted this book on Twitter on phenomenology and poststructuralism. Sounds quite interesting and I hope to have time to read it soon:

Here’s also a couple of interesting sources that deals with human-computer interaction and situated cognition in ways I was not aware of. Funnily enough, I’ve read these authors in other disciplines, but didn’t know they came together for this discussion already in 1994. I guess no matter how much you read and do literature searches, you will always miss something.

Moran, Thomas P. 1994. “Introduction to This Special Issue on Context in Design.” Human-Computer Interaction 9 (1): 1–2. doi:10.1207/s15327051hci0901_1.

Brown, John Seely, and Paul Duguid. 1994. “Borderline Issues: Social and Material Aspects of Design.” Human-Computer Interaction 9 (1): 3–36. doi:10.1207/s15327051hci0901_2.

Moran, Thomas P. 1994. “Commentary on Borderline Issues.” Human-Computer Interaction 9 (1): 37–135. doi:10.1207/s15327051hci0901_3.


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