Thursday research bulletin 16.7.2015

So this week’s been pretty much packet mainly with different kinds of research articles. There’s especially the mentioned Curtin Business School Colloquium article in the area of HCI, virtual embodiment and human-technology coupling, which I pretty much re-wrote although I had some of it ready from before. I guess part of research “rigour” (the word we all love) is that you will re-do everything if you feel something is not right – even if you don’t feel like it. Anyway, it looks much better now and perhaps I can extend it to a “real” journal article somewhere along the way.

From the Web

In the VR section, I guess one of the interesting things this week was HTC announcement that finally something actually tangible might come out in October:

I’ve also followed Leap Motion’s virtual hands concept with an interest:

Naturally I would like to explore it with Talos Principle which I’ve recently played:  

I guess in the section of embodiment and “Oh well, it’s only a year or two when Tony Stark’s gadgets start to look old”, this post sort of made the day:


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