Interesting Social Media Test: Free, a book by Chris Anderson, as a collective audio listening in Spotify & notes and talks in Qaiku


This morning I found out in Twitter that some guys were going to have a collective listening of Free, a book by Chris Anderson, in Spotify. For this, there was a chain, or a qaiku, made to Qaiku where participants could communicate and keep collective notes.

The idea was that everyone would listen every chapter at the same time and thus the notes from everyone who wanted to write them, would be submitted to the right part of the listening session’s message chain.

It was also an interesting way of enhancement to the learning experience when participants provided links and messages to extra information about matters in the book – although some information seemed a bit hard to take in use: for example paper magazine articles are not that easy to link. 🙂

People acting this way without someone whipping us to do so, clearly indicates how we can collaborate and share our knowledge with each others and thus expand the amount of information we may gain, even from a single one book.

It would be interesting to see would it change the learning experience to more effective if a book was listened to like this, chapter by chapter, but after each chapter the participants would stop to discuss about the subjects they just heard about. Then after a while when the conversation was diminishing, would carry on.

It was a shame that I couldn’t participate to this as intensely as I would’ve wanted to. Despite of it this experiment left an interesting aftertaste and visions of new ways of eLearning and collaboration in learning and how they could develop to be a standard way of doing things. Hope to see more things like this in the future!

Here’s a link to Juhana Kokkonen’s [juhana2 in Qaiku] post about this at He originally invented the idea.

Tero Heiskanen’s post [in Finnish], written almost in real time during the listening, can be found here:


3 thoughts on “Interesting Social Media Test: Free, a book by Chris Anderson, as a collective audio listening in Spotify & notes and talks in Qaiku

  1. Thanks for posting! I think that this could be used as a learning method, although it requires motivation and concentration to follow a full length audio book. But with some thinking and designing this can be a very useful method.

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Maybe a listening session of this kind could be separated to parts, or even to relevant chapters from different writers and books could be listened to in a same session, not the whole book?

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