Twitter etiquette or Twetiquette

Image by vernon_dutton (License)

I have done wrong and I’m ashamed: I have wasted my messages to Twitter and created noise pollution. Or so it seemed to me as I was reading some of the posts in SocialMediaToday about how to tweet and act in the so-called Twitterville [god I really hate these Twitter word Twariations].

So if you believe to be as impolite as I am, here’s two rather helpful links to posts that I’ve found useful on how to use Twitter in a good manner. These apply for regular people and for businesses too. Now what I’m thinking, should I tweet this rather short Friday post or not?

Social Media Today:
Eight Twitter Habits That May Get You Unfollowed or Semi-Followed by Augie Ray
Twitter Style Guide by Sherry Main

If you are more interested about your cyber manners, here’s Twetiquette‘s Twitter profile to provide more Twinformation on how to Oh, behave!


2 thoughts on “Twitter etiquette or Twetiquette

  1. Marko,

    Thanks for linking to my blog post.

    For the record, I didn’t think I was offering Twitter etiquette advice. I’ll leave Social Media manners to someone else!

    My post was intended to remind people that Twitter can get very cluttered. If you post something to 200 or 2000 people and it’s only relevant (or even understandable) to just a handful of people, what does that do to earn or squander the attention you get on Twitter? To me, that’s not really manners but just good communication sense!

    Thanks for the post!

    Augie Ray

    • Thanks Augie for your comment!

      I’m interested in self-development, and in that also with good manners which I believe to be an advantage in life for people who have those and enhance them. So I thought your post was good as a ‘manners in Twitter’.

      No matter what the terminology, in a way good sense of communicating is also a part of your manners: Do I always shout ‘Hey look at ME!’, or do I create or share something meaningful. So your post was useful for this too. 🙂

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