A couple of sharps for Monday to warm up the mind – 8.6.2009

Image by Joriel “Joz” Jimenez (License)

About Nokia Ovi

“The service wasn’t even suppose to be totally ready when published”. Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place? Someone in Nokia has a really hard job in communicating with the world outside. In these days when the buzz is on all the time, being silent won’t benefit you that much as it used to.

About Social Media as a market tool

Social Media is just a one way to market you thing – it’s not the duck laying golden eggs. If your product sucks in the first place, it will most likely suck here too. And bringing your crappy product in the teeth of the savvy consumers who have the media in their hands, is just suicide.

About Sustainability and Recycling

The Car Manufacturing industry is making saving the planet hard. Did you know that the industry has a capacity to manufacture 90 million cars per year, but the demand is only for 60? Makes you wonder how much difference does it make to recycle your potato crusts when someone is throwing away cars – still, this isn’t a reason to leave them unrecycled though.


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