Are You a Pioneer or a Wuss?

It says [about companies & marketing]:

Social media went over pure reason in Sweden“.

This from a person with The Association of Swedish Advertisers. There was pure reason in advertising? Another one:

“Social media is unclear to companies” & “We are getting to know it and we are trying to practice it.”

…I don’t understand.

In real-life, you go out, you interact with people and give them real value through your services and products. How does social media change this? Well, at least you can’t shout and interrupt the customers anymore – or can, but now they can mute you.

“We need to stay put and wait what comes out of this.”

Geez, haven’t you heard words pioneer and creativity? It’ll be nice to hear 5 years from now how many of the contemporary conservative companies are going to state: “Yes, we were among the first ones doing this“, when they actually were not.

Like I’ve stated many times earlier: in order the possibilites of modern ICT to work [in marketing, in education or in whatever], you need a change of mindset from the old paradigm to the new one. Not What this can give to us?, but How we can interact with it proactively?.

In the words of Tom Peters and his father, “Don’t just stand there, do something”.

Experiment, have fun. Don’t just watch those Will it Blend? videos and say “We could do that”. Yes, you could’ve, but you just didn’t, because you didn’t have the guts or the open mind for it.

P.s. The only smart comment in the column was “We need to define who are the real experts“. Yes you do, but they are way closer than you think.


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