Have some decency towards each others

Image by Eric M Martin (License)

Now when we are having all these recessions and swineflues, I’d like to send a manifest, small and terse, to all of you who are in the work life, no matter what the position.

Now it isn’t the time to make people feel guilty and afraid if they happen to get sick. For example your little brochures or whatever you are working with aren’t in the end as important as the well being of human beings – that your friends, colleagues and employees happen to be, remember? In the worst case, if you make them feel guilty and thus get them come to work although they are sick, you can make them even sicker and infect the others in your workplace too.

So if you happen to be in a manager position, don’t be an asshole and try to prevent this kind of behavior from yourself and from your colleagues. Search the empathy in yourself. If some project happens to delay a bit because of someone’s being sick, in the end it’s really your fault that you didn’t have a backup plan. Don’t poor it on others who are coughing in their beds and already feel like shit.

And think of this: Do you think people respect you more if you treat them like cattle? There are nowadays regulations even for treating cattle so there must be some for human beings too, right?

Trying to whip people won’t give them the extra energy to accomplish things. It makes you look bad and if there’s people or even experts around you who happen to have a moral backbone, in the worst case you may loose them too. What happens then? You know what.

So have some decency and have some empathy. Show some support.


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