Tuesday’s Highly Useful Links for Web People

Image by Gideon Burton

Lately I’ve come across many interesting and helpful applications and services in the web. Thanks to all who have gathered and shared these! Here, I’ll pass them on:

  1. The Open Source Toolbox For WebDesigners
    A large list of everything a web designer may need.
  2. 7 website mockup tools
    Thanks to Matthew for collecting these. I’m currently trying out the Balsamiq which I was introduced by a friend of mine, and I got to tell you that it’s so sweet that I’m even considering getting the full version. Try it out at www.balsamiq.com. Available as web and desktop versions.
  3. 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook
    Not all of them are that good or useful, but for example there’s even one light, but good CRM application that can be used in Facebook. So if you’re using it for doing business with people, you may want to check it out.
  4. 50+ Really Cool Twitter Mashups
    I guess the name already says it all.
  5. 14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration (+ one more)
    Thanks to Webdesigners Depot for this one, and to a friend passing it on to me.  Here’s also one more I’m currently trying out called Doit.im. Usage for more like light task management program than to manage large projects.
  6. 25+ Ways to Manage Your Online Identity
    Thanks to Mashable.com
  7. 40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely
    Thanks to Mashable.com, again. 😉
  8. KnowEm
    If there’s no other use for this service, you can at least find many social media networks which you probably didn’t know even existed.

Hopefully these are useful to you.


5 Flash sites to check out – Hotels

Image by  Giuliagas (Licence)

OK, I’ve tried this before, hopefully this time it turns out better; just a couple of nice Flash made sites, regarding hotels. No deep thoughts on these one, just nice design. Go check them out.

Cool, chillout, a bit techy, but overall nice and most of all, working.

Oh oh oh, the country where I was born, really get the points from this one.

Although there are a couple of annoying things that could’ve worked a bit better [for example the ‘Show background image’ thing, that seems to come only randomly], but for example the pictures of the hotel are really beautiful and fine. Classy.

Beautiful old pictures. This one’s too very classy.

This one would be even cooler if the zoom in and out function worked better. Once again a good reminder to all those playing with Flash, that it’s not just the cool things that matter, the site’s parts have to work too. All of them.

This one’s a treat and perhaps not an actual ‘hotel site’. I haven’t had the time to try it out well myselfl, but seems interesting. If you’re gonna try it; no reason to put your real address or pasword in the start screen thought.

The clock thing [opens after 6 p.m.] is a good idea. Gets your attention and rises one’s curiosity. Nice. I have a feel I’m gonna report back about this one after I’ve tried it out better.