The End of Possession to Possess
Image by sparktography

I used to buy CD’s but now listen to Spotify and Internet radio channels like Limbik Frequencies.

I used to buy comics from a bookstore, but now read Savage Chickens.

I used to order magazines and a newspaper, but now read RSS and blogs and Twitter and… well, the Web.

I don’t try to hide my “killer ideas”, but I spread them to the web and see how people may take them.

I don’t lurk in the shadows saying “I could do that”, and watch others achieve great things. Instead I participate. Thus I don’t even possess ‘jealousy’, that warm comforting feeling, anymore.

“You can buy it for you to own” as they say in the Spotify’s advert, isn’t thing I consider familiar to me anymore. It’s just because I don’t want it to be mine.

So, what other things are still out there not to be possessed?