The End of Possession to Possess
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I used to buy CD’s but now listen to Spotify and Internet radio channels like Limbik Frequencies.

I used to buy comics from a bookstore, but now read Savage Chickens.

I used to order magazines and a newspaper, but now read RSS and blogs and Twitter and… well, the Web.

I don’t try to hide my “killer ideas”, but I spread them to the web and see how people may take them.

I don’t lurk in the shadows saying “I could do that”, and watch others achieve great things. Instead I participate. Thus I don’t even possess ‘jealousy’, that warm comforting feeling, anymore.

“You can buy it for you to own” as they say in the Spotify’s advert, isn’t thing I consider familiar to me anymore. It’s just because I don’t want it to be mine.

So, what other things are still out there not to be possessed?


Dear VR, go to Twitter

Image by iivo

VR is the one responsible of Finnish railway system, and it tends to be late rather often. I don’t know if they are paying attention in the company, but people are talking and this “being late” is already a public joke. Google “vr taas myöhässä” (in Finnish “VR late again”) and you get many pages filled with news and people talking about this. I say this, if there was some other company that would get this kind of bad publicity, it wouldn’t stand a chance i the markets.

And for you people out there saying “You shouldn’t complain too much, instead you should be happy at least having trains!” I say this; if a customer pays good money for something, he or she should get value for it.

The train tickets aren’t free and last time I was late from a meeting over half an hour – not to mention that at that same day my girlfriend’s train was late over an hour. People have schedules and it may totally ruin them if you never know what’s going to happen.

I talked with this one guy during the train trip and he said he’s been doing a lot of traveling with the trains and in some point the trains were more often late than in time. This is unacceptable.

But I won’t stand here just throwing rotten tomatoes, as it seems it’s somehow impossible keep the trains on time in this country, I’ll offer VR a free advice. Straight from a social media user.

Start sending regular Twitter updates

Please, start informing us better if the train is late. Tell us which train, where and how long approximately.

The first thing someone’s going to say is “not that many use Twitter in Finland”. Well, maybe they would start if there was something tangible like this.

The second thing someone will say is “Well, how could they tag the trains, there’s so many of them?” Well, you could use hashtags with train ID’s like “Train #IC922 is off schedule 15 minutes” or “Train #IC922 standing at Pasila station because of a mailfunction”.

Hell, we could do this by ourselves. The tools are there, anyone can start using them for our mutual benefit. People could start updating to Twitter if on a train that’s going to be late, for example: “markoteras: #VrJuna #IC164 late 20 minutes”. The example could be from is from my last trip, but unfortunately I didn’t think of this then.

Someone could also say “But how about if someone starts sending fake updates about the trains?”. This is the same danger with every network, but the community will take care of people like this. And they will ban people and IP’s on Twitter.

Do you happen to have a better idea or a site already gathering this kind of information? Because Service alterations at are too stiff way to handle these kinds of rapid changes and why not use these tools when they are there just waiting?

So What Am I Called Then?

Image by DeepBluC

This is a question I’ve been pondering a lot lately when I’ve cleared to many people what I do for a living. Could a simple deduction practice help to determine this?

So am I a,

1. Creative Director?

This is something I even printed on my business card, because at that time it sounded this is what I do.

But in order to be a director, shouldn’t you be having people to direct, right? Well, first of all, I work through networks, and my job description varies a lot, so simple Creative Director [although it sounds good and very mighty] doesn’t do the trick.

2. Just a “Creative”

Well this is most definitely an ambiguous term in a time when everyone and everything is somewhat “creative” or “innovative”. So, no thanks.

3. Social Media Expert?

I find this term a bit hilarious, but I had to put it here in order to make a statement: If there’s someone telling he is a social media expert, don’t believe him. At least too easily.

There are people who understand a lot more about the current web than others, but there are also some of those who try to open up for you a Twitter account or a Facebook Fan Page without really making it clear what it all means.

I would be most cautious about how much we can currently understand what will become of this early mess that we call social media, social web or whatever.

4. Digital Native

I could also be called digital media native, but it’s not quite selling and most likely there aren’t too many people who even know what that means. And in the end it’s more a description than a profession anyway.

5. Digital Media Agent

I tried this for a week, but the word agent sounds like I’m a movie agent, or something from the James Bond saga. Yes, I’m investigating things and sometimes wear a suit, but that’s about it. No Walther PPK, just a Mac, sorry.

With this description I wanted to be considered someone who connects people with digital media.


I believe that new times need new descriptions. We didn’t say ” Metal horse” when the car was invented.

So what am I then? Like I’ve always said that I don’t want to categorize people or to be categorized too heavily [that can prevent self development and growth], but sometimes it’s just something that you have to do in order to make other people understand what you do for a living and where your professionalism could be helpful.

So currently I’m using the title Social and Digital Media Coach. This for two reasons,

1. That’s the closest thing that sums up everything I currently do.

During my time as an entrepreneur I’ve been working with social media in education and in business, from the training to concept creation and even graphic design [yes, I still occasionally open Photoshop too]. I’m also a project manager in an international ICT project which includes usability, eLearning and Mobile. In addition to this, I’ve also designed user interface / experience and graphic design for a mobile application.

As you can see, describing my work with one sentence can sometimes be a hard task.

2. Because I don’t want to be mixed with the label “professional” or “expert” too strongly. I believe the things in social media to be flexible and something that you need to consider with your client or whoever you are working with. You know, together, and not from your professional ivory tower.

And this is how I want the process to be, because that’s the only way to make people understand the new possibilities the web can actually offer. Possibilities that go far beyond than just simple status updating or Fan Paging.

EDIT (after much reasoning): I have to admit that I was wrong; there’s no one definite term I could currently use. There’s just situational terms and being a creative person I just cannot lock myself up with one.

So yes, unfortunately the term “Creative” that I’m mocking up there is a good term, and so is “Trainer”. So let’s keep with these for a while.