Governator the Tweeter


Arnold's Conan sword at his Office

Image from Arnold’s TwitPic

Of course I’m now writing about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California. I had a bit sleepless night the other night and just happened to begin to surf in Twitter when I accidentally bumped into his Twitter account.

It was so funny to read through his Tweets, the status updates from garage sales etc, and at the same time I begin to feel how social media sometimes at its best can make the world seem a bit smaller, closer and more horizontal place.

Let’s face it, Arnold himself most likely has more urgent things to do than Tweet about every move he makes, but the way how a political figure can tend to people and point messages to those he has visited is really a cool way of communication and talking back to your followers. For example, when there’s an update like ‘Can’t wait to see the CA garage sale!’ and then a picture in Twitpic of it, it can really make people feel, if they follow Twitter of course, closer to Arnold and like his visit had some meaning.

But, we also have a bit darker side to this all. When you really think of it, is this kind of Twittering just a clever game to make people like you more and thus get you more votes when the time comes? Not just in Arnold’s case, but overall with political Twitter accounts.

When you are in Twitter and write ‘I do this and that’, people tend to feel that you are actually talking to them [and not your Twitter expert of communications]. I’m not saying that people always actually believe so to be, but they may sometimes feel so. So in this case I have to question; can this be just clever mind manipulation of the next level or really a genuine conversation channel?

I don’t have answers for these, it’s too early for that, but I can say this: the situation puts more challenges on how attentive we have to be with messages we get from media.

I’d like to be optimistic and say this kind of communication makes things better, but I also believe that we have to work for it to do so. When there’s a new medium of using information, it always means that there’s also a new instrument of using power. And when there’s an effective new instrument of power, there’s most likely people trying to exploit it.

I don’t want to use Arnold as a bad example here, it just happened to be his account that I stumbled on when I thought about these things. I actually respect what he has achieved, no matter how some people may laugh at him. Show me another person who has won almost everything there is to win in bodybuilding, has done a career in acting with an impact that will stay most likely forever [just a single ‘I’ll be back’ already did it, which is actually also an achievement of some kind] and is now a Governor of California. And this all as a foreigner.

And by the way, I also think having the sword in his office is a cool thing.


Issue on newspapers – re-revisited

Image by Jonah G.S. (License)

I wasn’t going to say anything anymore about the subject concerning the distress of the newspapers [I feel this subject is already worn out and passe], but when one of them publishes a column which is one of the most naive I’ve read this year, I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

This certain Finnish paper is one that I like to read daily and feel they still have authority to speak about the issues they discuss, but today they really hit their head to the wall.

A one writer of the paper, completely moron it seems, is trying to reason why a newspaper is better than an electric reading device with other targets of usage than reading! For example, how would the writer cover his floor when he is going to paint the walls of his house, not with Amazon Kindle anyway, but with newspapers of course! Same thing with fish and flowers; salesperson can’t wrap them to an electric reading device.

Well I have to answer to this; I haven’t in ages got my fish or anything else that I’ve bought in a newspaper, mostly maybe because it is too darn expensive paper to use to things like that. And when I’m painting my walls I’m using plastic sheeting on my floors which is reusable to other renovating targets in the future, as newspapers wear out before you’ve even hit the painting phase.

I don’t even wipe my ass to the newspaper anymore; I did this a while when I was a child [really, I did!], before of the whole toilet paper thing. So the newspaper is no good in that too. And I don’t like to have neither my ass or my fish, covered with toxins that newspaper ink may consist of.

The column in the paper has to be a joke. But if it is one, in a daily newspaper about economy, I have to ask what the heck is the purpose to waste expensive space to something as stupid as this? The columnist, to me anyway, gives an impression that he’s a dinosaur.

If this is the best they can, they are even deeper than I imagined. There’s this one golden rule in succeeding in business: don’t make your customers or potential ones feel themselves like an ass [the donkey kind of thing]. There are still people reading your papers, but they also know the benefits of the ‘Web thing’ often better than most of you, and stepping on their toes on issues like this won’t most definitely increase your sales.

About the Lamentation of Media Houses

Image by Tidewater Muse (License)

It’s just boring already.

When do children usually cry? Often when someone has stolen their toys or wants to play different kinds of games that they would like to.

When do large adults cry? For the same reasons, and because of the fact that their old playmates have turned their backs on them. The ones that used to be friends have become foes, to them. But their old buddies don’t feel like this.

What the hell I’m talking ab0ut again? I’m expressing my not so empathic attitude towards large media houses [some of them were also called as newspapers in the history]. They are now in total panik panik panik, because of the most usual behavior model of human beings have occurred again: it’s people working in ambiguous ways.

Did newspapers and other really think that they just could carry on forever like they had been doing? Did the “if people get news faster from the web they probably don’t want to read the same old news from the newspapers anymore” come as a surprise to them? Well seem like it.

Last week I visited a small morning seminar which was presented by a one of these large ‘media houses’. They presented their realization of the future model where the ‘customer’ [i.e. reader or the consumer of media] is in the center of the palette, and magazines are just one part of the media palette.

This is the place where the stand up comedians often keep the short silent moment and see if people get the joke and laugh.

Well, no kidding! is my answer for the presenters. Was that model really that big of an eye opener to them? If this is the so called new stuff they are currently inventing to keep their customers, I got only one thing to say to them; you are screwed.

And one other thing that I can’t stand anymore is that large corporates who once ruled the media scene like mastodons are now camouflaging their downfall to something that I and people like me have brought to them. Sometimes I feel like I should be ashamed of that I don’t want to spend my hard earned money to their lame attempts to entertain me.

The fact is that they are crying just because they are loosing their revenues. And like I said, they are in panik panik panik because they don’t have the brain muscle to invent new business models.

This morning I read an almost interesting interview and article about this subject from Kauppalehti. There this el director guy was saying how using web is in integral part in their business development and they want to improve it further, but in a way that wouldn’t harm printed press which is their main media and bring most of the revenue.

Well, nice one there, but sounds a bit sticking in the past. If that is the way you want to go I say good luck to the try and I’ll see how your empire will soon grumble and fall. Reading newspapers have steadily been sinking, and we have still a large sum of people who have born before TV. What about when they are gone?

Also a small comment to the Emperor Rupert Murdoch; There’s this unwritten law in Internet that everyone who are not unfamiliar with it should get to their heads; When you put something out free, your possibility afterwards gain money with it is almost slim or none.

See downloading music. Even older people are downloading music ‘illegally’ from the web. Just because it’s free there. Most likely if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t download it that much – maybe. The point being here; you can’t control the minds of the people about what is free.

And stop pointing your blaming finger around through media space you own. Do it somewhere else than in your own magazines etc. That’s called propaganda and I will personally end ordering every paper and boycott their website which are trying to bring up these kinds of hidden between the lines messages.

So cry all you want, but don’t make me feel like I’ve stolen your toys and don’t want to play with you anymore.