SITE 2010 Notes: Building an interactive One Room School Experience in Second Life

Building an interactive One Room School Experience in Second Life: An example of TPACK at work
Kajal Shah, Mimi Lee, Iowa State University, USA

Excellent feel-good presentation about using Second Life! Nice to see someone so excited about her subject as she was!

Also, some great thoughts to think about:

“The students know a lot more about technology, why not letting them to teach us [the teachers] these things as they know more about them? No problem with authority, engaging and the students feel they are special and know something.”

This raised an interesting discussion between participants about the fact, do younger people really know more about tech than the older people? I think it could be more like “the one who knows, should be the teacher at that time”. Sometimes some people know more and sometimes less, but generalizing that kids know it generally better can be a bit misleading statement.

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