Sites like Moodstream as a basis of a creative process

Image by carf (Licence)

I found this site, Moodstream, which is basically a service where you can tweak different kinds of buttons [which include moods] and the application offers you pictures and music accordingly. As a concept, I think this is a neat way to promote service provider’s image bank pictures and sound bank music by creating this site to play with.

I began to think that if you want to make a certain mood for your website, can something like Moodstream be useful or does this create too generic outcome?

And an other question which I started to think was, how easily you can ‘categorize’ emotions? How can you know that this kind of music and imaginary effects the same way [or even a tended way] to those many different people that visit your website?

There’s so many different things to look into when designing; the user’s cultural background, the environment, the personality and so.

I don’t believe that services like Moodstream can ever be a death of creativity – that designers would just go there and let an application decide for him what pictures and music to use. But maybe as an impulse awakener this could sometimes be useful.

I haven’t use this that much so I don’t know how generic or usable this is. But all together, this kind of audio-visual way can be a place to get ideas and feelings to your concept. If anyone has had experiences of other services like this, post up!