5 Flash sites to check out – Hotels

Image by  Giuliagas (Licence)

OK, I’ve tried this before, hopefully this time it turns out better; just a couple of nice Flash made sites, regarding hotels. No deep thoughts on these one, just nice design. Go check them out.

Cool, chillout, a bit techy, but overall nice and most of all, working.

Oh oh oh, the country where I was born, really get the points from this one.

Although there are a couple of annoying things that could’ve worked a bit better [for example the ‘Show background image’ thing, that seems to come only randomly], but for example the pictures of the hotel are really beautiful and fine. Classy.

Beautiful old pictures. This one’s too very classy.

This one would be even cooler if the zoom in and out function worked better. Once again a good reminder to all those playing with Flash, that it’s not just the cool things that matter, the site’s parts have to work too. All of them.

This one’s a treat and perhaps not an actual ‘hotel site’. I haven’t had the time to try it out well myselfl, but seems interesting. If you’re gonna try it; no reason to put your real address or pasword in the start screen thought.

The clock thing [opens after 6 p.m.] is a good idea. Gets your attention and rises one’s curiosity. Nice. I have a feel I’m gonna report back about this one after I’ve tried it out better.


Can you make me feel, Mr. Designer?

This post was going to be about a website and how it’s cool that designers are inventive and create awesome sites even when one could think that the subject was rather boring. Well, this went to be web philosophy. Or something.


The aforementioned site proves, again, that the subject of a website isn’t so important. If one is willing to make a inventive site, they’ll make it in spite of the client or a product or whatsoever. To create an entertaining site for a not so hip subject, that really takes creativity – and sometimes a person who is good in selling. I say this; it is an excuse if one says “this is too boring, I can’t make a cool site about this”. Nonsense.

In this case it’s nice to see that designers have come up with something more than just sheets of over informative pages. From the Edu point of view, not even mentioning the entertainment factor, this probably delivers the message more effectively than a static HTML site. Although, like always in good usability and accessibility, users have that version also available.

The division to a site that is more an experience, and a site that is more to the core of the information is useful, sometimes even crucial because of the fact that people don’t have enough time.

I thought about this one night; why we don’t usually design (or won’t achieve) web sites that could have the same kind of impact on users as for example movies or music often have. And I believe it’s mostly because of the fact that we surf the net to explore not so much to experience.

There’s a reason it’s called surfing. It’s often fast paced; we jump from page to page, scroll up and down and so on. But could it be different? Can the web affect you, bring up emotions, more than a laughter?

I believe that the web designer who manages to do that must have knowledge about (and love of) arts, psychology, humanity overall. Just a tech geek cannot get through a challenge like that without having a corny end product showing off “the cool web techniques we can do with Flash”. Sorry if you techs are hurt by this, but that’s a fact.

Also the way we are in the web has to be a key. When you are watching your telly, you are mostly sitting or lying comfortably. If you do a sitting job the whole day like me, you don’t want to continue it at home. If one could have the net more comfortably, that could also help. Me anyway. Although now I am sitting rather traditionally with my laptop.

About the emotions websites may bring. There’s one site that beautifully combines a certain feel that an artist I really like, Zdzisław Beksiński, has in his works.

The music, the subtle design and animations, typography; everything entwines to a website with a built-in emotion scenery. The site is an experience, but also informative and of course, a marketing tool. The site is here. Enjoy.