Is Facebook phishing my Gmail?

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I’ve had two cases with Facebook suggesting me friends that it shouldn’t know are in any way connected to me – this has also happened to my fiancee.

What makes this odd is that one of these people has been a guest house owner in France and we only had a brief exchange of messages with him before our trip. We don’t have his name or photo of him or his guest house in Facebook.

So, I’d like to know how is this possible? There must be some way that Facebook had this information from my Gmail account, there’s no other place where we have discussed of these things. There’s also another case backing up this theory.

And no, I haven’t even given Facebook the possibility to hook me up with my Google account. So there must be something that I don’t know. Do you?


Review on My First Week with n97 mini

Image by RafeB

I’ve been using a Nokia n97 mini about a week now so here’s a short review on that. Not going too deep into the device specs, one can always read them at Nokia’s site or from other tech blogs.

What I like

It feels quality. Flipping the top works like it supposed to and I like the keyboard, although the buttons may be even too sturdy. I also like how easily it works overall. Was pretty light to start using it, but I’m a bit of a tech freak so can’t say how my grandmother would do with it.

Clicking the touch screen usually also works fine and there’s not that many nuisances [but, see the “What I don’t like”].

What I don’t like

Of course it’s understandable if you have many apps on the same time, your battery isn’t going to last too long. But it’s still boring if you have to charge it daily, as you have to with n97 – maybe there’s something one could do with tweaking some hidden energy saver menu, but haven’t dived that deep to that so can’t say. I usually put the device to the wall when I’m going to sleep so it doesn’t really matter that much, but one day I forgot to do it and in the middle of the day the device just died.

Also I don’t like how some of the touch screen things sometimes work, like for example scrolling. There are times it feels that I really have to hit the screen in order the device to realize I want to activate scrolling. On some apps it works really good [like in Gravity, see below], but in the device’s own menu it sometimes gives a little cough.

And also I happen to have a thumb size of a potato and when I’m trying to hit the scroll bar I sometimes hit something else I shouldn’t have, like someone’s status update in the native Facebook application.

About OVI and Syncing

If you want to sync OVI with the device you get good instructions from OVI during syncing. Well, not exactly, but almost.

When you are doing the syncing with the service it gives you instructions that take you half way there; with the instructions you can get the OVI work and signed in to the service, but there were some problems with syncing the contacts with the device.

This wasn’t because of the help being vague, but being totally wrong in some point. The right options are in a different place in n97 mini’s menu and you have to do a lot more in order to get them working.

Fortunately [in a way] there has been other people suffering with this, so I found help here: Thanks Timi!

Two apps I’m using on n97 mini

Here’s a few words about two apps I’m currently using on n97 mini. I haven’t used them too long so I’ll write longer reviews later.


App to use your different web services like Facebook, Twitter [multiple accounts], Google Calendar/Gmail, RSS etc. with the mobile.

It’s OK, but in my opinion some oddities with the UI and again my potato thumb doesn’t like those rather small hotspots and too sensitive touch! Also, what’s with the pixelated n97 desktop icon?

I’m currently using this to read my RSS blogs and news, and for these this works OK.


I’m not taking sides, but for using Twitter with my mobile, I like this one’s UI better than the previous one’s.

The touch screen scrolling feels firm, there not that many accidental clicks and it looks rather stylish too. Using it to Twitter, Twitter search and you can also have groups based on search terms.


EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot the Facebook app! It’s pre-installed and gives you updates regularly to the desktop. The UI is rather simple, but one thing I was missing was that it should give you some indication if people have replied to updates or other threads you have written. Now there seems to be none and it’s boring to try to hunt them manually.

Still, I feel this is a better way for occasional updates and visits to FB, than the one for example in n95.


Used n97 mini a week and a half now and there hasn’t been that many situations where I wanted to throw this to the wall. Guess that summarizes it well? Like we all know; a device and user experience is good when you don’t have too much to cry about, right?

Tuesday’s Highly Useful Links for Web People

Image by Gideon Burton

Lately I’ve come across many interesting and helpful applications and services in the web. Thanks to all who have gathered and shared these! Here, I’ll pass them on:

  1. The Open Source Toolbox For WebDesigners
    A large list of everything a web designer may need.
  2. 7 website mockup tools
    Thanks to Matthew for collecting these. I’m currently trying out the Balsamiq which I was introduced by a friend of mine, and I got to tell you that it’s so sweet that I’m even considering getting the full version. Try it out at Available as web and desktop versions.
  3. 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook
    Not all of them are that good or useful, but for example there’s even one light, but good CRM application that can be used in Facebook. So if you’re using it for doing business with people, you may want to check it out.
  4. 50+ Really Cool Twitter Mashups
    I guess the name already says it all.
  5. 14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration (+ one more)
    Thanks to Webdesigners Depot for this one, and to a friend passing it on to me.  Here’s also one more I’m currently trying out called Usage for more like light task management program than to manage large projects.
  6. 25+ Ways to Manage Your Online Identity
    Thanks to
  7. 40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely
    Thanks to, again. 😉
  8. KnowEm
    If there’s no other use for this service, you can at least find many social media networks which you probably didn’t know even existed.

Hopefully these are useful to you.