Book: Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

Just finished this book and I feel it’s a good addition to those multiple and again multiple books on social media. Erik has many good points that really had an effect on me, here’s a couple of them and some personal thoughts after them:

From the chapter Introduction:

“Socialnomics is a massive socioeconomic shift. Yet some of the core marketing and business principals of the last few centuries will still apply…”

What I really liked in this books was that it wasn’t that much about the services or the hype, but also about the things that happen underneath of everything, in the backstage that would be easier to leave uncovered, because it is more complex.

Still, many people understand social media just as Facebook or things alike. Of course it’s easy to see it that way, because these services are the visible part of it, but as Erik states, socialnomics should be taken as something happening in overall human behavior. These tools have just made some things awfully lot of easier for us.

From the chapter Word of Mouth Goes World of Mouth:

“One of the key maxims of this book is that wasting time on Facebook and social media makes you more productive.”

A certain Finnish broadcasting company got me a bit annoyed the other day with one of their ads where one of the characters stated “Now you can also watch our programs in the web!” and the other one “Oh, that’s why the gang is hanging out in the web?!”. This all was written more or less in young people’s style of speaking. This advert clearly indicated how lost they current are.

As social media has freed the tools for the people to produce, share and collaborate with each other, isn’t it too much that there’s this huge old mastodon who still thinks that we need it to deliver us passive content which of we can’t even decide what we want to see, and at the same time the rest of the web is full of either free or more interesting things to see and DO? And we ought to pay for this too?

And one other thing loosely about this subject. What I haven’t quite understood is why there are some people running around shouting “Internet is the devil!”. So what’s so good in sitting in front of your television set doing nothing? At least the people who are active in the web are doing something, not just staring on the couch.

These were only two things about the book and I don’t want to write it all here or this would become the longest post ever. Maybe someday I have as much to say as Erik and can write a book of my own. Most certainly he’s going to be one of them I would refer to.

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Social Media Revolution

I first saw this in Future Social Media group in LinkedIn and in Mashable, and thought it was so good as a wake up call, that I wanted to pass it on here. This great video is by Erik Qualman, here’s his blog

I’m not subscribing to all the figures and facts of this video [see the comments in his blog to learn more], but the video makes you think over things, and I believe that’s the most important thing.