For What Do You Need an Interactive Whiteboard For?

If you use an interactive whiteboard & learning management system (what is it in the first place?) for example sending out questions or assignments to students, who for example have hand helds or their own mobile devices, what does it change? In the core, how is the learning process significantly different?

If you have a class polling system, what new does that bring? Instead of negotiating meaning of some topic, instructor introduces a question (stimulus) and see who has the right answer (response). What does this imply? How does it change anything when you compare this to the regular “raise your hand if you think this is the right answer”?

In conclusion: The instructor is in front, in control, deciding what is meaningful to learn (actually to teach) and what in itself, is important at that time.

Once again the process, from which learning actually consists of, is destroyed meaningless. The learning is still understood as the chunk of content which the instructor delivers to the receivers (learners). Only now, coated too often with lousy user interfaces, bad usability (which creates frustration) and more importantly, wrong pedagogy.