Site 2010 Notes: Westley Field: Emerging technologies

Westley Field: Emerging technologies – How They Affect Future Schooling and the Skills We Should Be Developing

A couple of thoughts from Westley’s inspirational presentation:
  • “I myself, am on Facebook all day, why shouldn’t they (the students) be?
  • Of course we allow them use mobile devices, it’s part of their lives.
  • If we’re blocking these technologies from children, we are denying them the skill of seeing differently, we’re denying them their future jobs.
  • I don’t like the term “digital immigrants”. It’s that some are just more experienced than the others and the others should, and can, learn more.
  • In opposed to $ 25 000 ad campaign, my friends did their own video about a product they liked. Cost: $ 2.20, the cost of the product (snacks).”
Other things to check out and think about:
  • QR codes, where could you use them?
  • Augmented reality + thin screens = ? What about wearable glasses to wear which show you additional information based on your location?
  • Google up “Sitting down is bad for you”.
  • Will tablets kill desktops and laptops? –They got almost everything in them and even easier to carry around than laptops.
  • Motion magazines; How could they change copy and text and the use of images or motion pictures in a magazine. How about additional information in articles? Zooming in to things like human anatomy; body > chest > heart > animated “how heart works”.
  • Future jobs: Virtual Lawyer. If you are a global, virtual company, could you have a virtual lawyer too?

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Towards More Alpacan Fu[n]ture


Hi, just wanted to tell you that I quit my current job and started to control my own future.

Now I’m starting to build a future that looks a bit more like me with a company of my own. This means enjoying my work more, engaging customers to more fun and meaningful concepts, expanding the creativity beyond ‘crazy’ and while doing this all, helping other people to achieve their potential and goals too.

My goal is to build a strong ecosystem of enthusiastic people around digital design and marketing, social media and web and mobile concepts.

The purpose and contents of the blog is most likely going to change a bit but not too much. You may see more writings about meaningful use of social media, of entrepreneurship and things like mobility and augmented reality. And of course I’m going to let you in in establishing my company! I want to benefit starting [or thinking about starting] entrepreneurs on my behalf in any way possible. This is going to be an interesting learning process.

I can’t tell you how excited I am! I’ll see you around and if you like to contact me for future collaborative mash-ups or just to say ‘Hi’, you’ll find channels to do so in the ‘about’ page.

Augmented reality mobile applications

Image by Régis Gaidot (Licence)

Lately I’ve become more and more fascinated with augmented reality mobile applications. Future [and already contemporary] applications will most likely drastically change many things in our behavior, for example how we act in our environment and for example what services we’re going to need or won’t need when we travel and adventure cities new to us.

Mashable has a nice  post about six application to iPhone and Android phones in Top 6 Augmented Reality Mobile Apps [Videos]. It seems like sci-fi, but it’s already yesterday’s news [The Mashable’s post is from yesterday]. Watching these makes the future of using the ‘phone’ very interesting.

I wonder where are Nokia applications like these, I’d really like to see more what’s going on there? For comparison, here are the latest finalists of the Calling All Innovators contest. There are 4 categories: Internet Innovation, Flash, Emerging Markets and Mobile Necessities and Apps on Maps.

If someone got more interesting links to similar like these, please share them!