Digitalization as a promise, betrayal and [ ]

Digitalization as a promise

There is a huge potential in digitalization and automation. They have spread to all walks of life. As a disruptive force, they create new innovations, employment and business opportunities but also make the future more uncertain than ever. Therefore, we need new knowledge, attitudes, and competences in the future. Datafication and predictive algorithms can support evidence-based decision making for various organizations.

Digitalization as a betrayal

The main narrative of the potential of digitalization is overly optimistic, technologically deterministic and dominated by neoliberal dictionary and oppressive discursive rules that limit genuine discussion. Its innovation is merely surveillance capitalism cloaked as freedom. It is a paradox: it disrupts the future but also claims to be the way to make it more certain. Furthermore, especially in the form of datafication and predictive algorithms, digitalization is about management, prediction, and control of life itself.

Digitalization as [ ]

Digitalization creates new impossibilities. It has contracted to nowhere of life. As such, it recreates past ways of work and business. Therefore, the past is less certain than never. Because of this, we need old ways to unsure that past generations can obtain the wrong skills and knowledge in the past. Datafication and predictive algorithms = evidence-based thinking = the quest for uncertainty.


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