“Wellbeing helps to develop healthy habits of work and technology”

This morning I received MyAnalytics in my email. I don’t know if someone in our organisation had activated it or why now. Anyway, as I was interested why, I went to the dashboard, looking at the tutorial. There was the following message in one of the sections of the “check the features” or whatever it is called (for some reason my MyAnalytics is in Finnish):

“Hyvinvointi auttaa kehittämään terveellisiä työtapoja ja teknologiaa.”

Here’s also a screenshot so you know I am not lying:

MyAnalytics screenshot

I don’t know how this is expressed in the English version as I do not have access to it now, but it could be translated something like, “Wellbeing helps to develop healthy habits of work and technology.”

I do not understand what this means. Perhaps the Finnish translation is bad, and I actually hope it is that and not something else, because if it was something else, it would have no sense whatsoever to me. How can wellbeing help to develop healthy work habits? What’s more strange is, how does wellbeing help to develop technology?

In addition to this, I just love the message “Auttaa hallinnoimaan yhteistyön tehostamiseen kuluvaa aikaa” (something like, “helps to manage increasing the performance for the time used for cooperation”). This is a mind f#”¤. I do not even understand what it means, and if it means.

Does this mean something, and to whom?


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