Some catching up to do

Woah! It seems there’s some catching up to do, as I haven’t written here in almost 4 years. I guess that’s how much doing the PhD research took out of me.

Currently I’m spending most of my working hours with a learning analytics research and development project in higher ed. I’ve also  started experimenting with commercial or free-to-use apps that rely on some way of analytics and gamification.

I’ve actually been trying out Yousician for learning to play the piano and Daylio as a daily moods tracker. This mainly to understand the experience they provide, and will their analytics make me behave somehow different or do I get insights and how I respond to them. Perhaps I’ll write something about them here soon. And who knows, I might try some of these out in higher ed with students, as some of the systems just need a bit more development for student engagement.


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