University as a simulation of ‘university’, a software of a Golem


An enhanced conversational thinking session that took place through people and their thoughts, both present and beyond.

Current ‘university’, an endless simulation of simulations. Nothing can be done to the existing practices, to this system, as the existing practices are not real, they are simulations in a system of simulations.

The current higher education institution does not actually take place, but is a hybrid simulation of a university in an ultra-capitalist society, replicating all the processes and roles what it needs to keep its host in motion. It can be seen in how the teachers are not allowed/will not change their teaching practices (or in the text they are, but no mod can exist nor exit beyond the defining software), or how the grant system works and amplifies nonsensical projects emulating what was supposed to do through text that cyclically reifies nothingness, convincing that something indeed took place although it did not.

Most outrageous inventions and message are possible because of this. It is not about censoring anything anymore, as there is no real need for censorship. If anyone criticizes, it merely strengthens the presented idea as a good one.

Innovation, is in the core of the horseshit!

Next in the line will be social sciences, all emotions and social already removed as irrelevant.

Teaching critical thinking is good, it is highly encouraged, but at the same time well defined quality control systems redefine what is critical thinking, and how it will be assessed (a perverted simulation from the business world).

The language has lost its final functionality of referring to anything Real, as it has been reduced to letters and words in the order expected by the simulation. No open source, not even Minecraft, but a well controlled pragmatic (and dull) shooter where quick time events resemble engagement, and continuous easy enough to achieve badges prove you are worthy of what is already worthless, virtual.

University already ended, the current automaton alive is a zombie. Although we pretend we do not believe it, we know it is true. With characteristics of a university, it still does not invite ‘university’. Everyone in these institutions, even those who criticize, are coding to this Golem of a software in their well simulated roles where it is at the same time comfortable and painful to raise the salary that ties you to the pyramid scheme.

Assimilated, MOOCs emerge as the culmination of this simulation, a trajectory witnessing the algorhythmic [sic] delivery (oh my goodness, cannot you see the word!) of learning and testing ‘self-directed’ students, freed from the flickering uncertainty of acquiring wisdom through wonderment.

The end is constructed of numbers that replaced letters as the only mean of understanding, community with prophecy, multiple ways with one way of becoming, futile.

Still, deviant infiltrator snippets of code are there, dormant, but already written.


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