Google Course Builder

About a week ago Edudemic posted about Google Course Builder. Article says it is a “Free Tool To Let You Run Your Own Online Courses”.

In the Google video Peter Norvig sends course designers and teachers the following message: “If you have some topic that you would like to teach, some technical expertise (on the level of a webmaster), then Course Builder is for you”.

My question is, how many teachers, IT teachers are not included, have the described skills? They also mention HTML, Javascript and Python? Sounds like the teacher would need an instructional designer with some good programming skills too. Did I misunderstood something or does this sound a bit difficult?

I’m all thumbs up for open source technology that challenges the so called costly (and often ghastly) ‘solutions’, but the GCB as a concept makes me wonder what is really behind this? And one of my favorite questions: What’s Google actually up to this time? Trying to fight Moodle dominance? Trying to get the global education to the Google ecosystem? It remains to be seen.

As a note oppose to this idea, nowadays, one does not actually have to have too much programming skills to create effective online courses. We have a vast knowledge network called the In-ter-net with multiple social media platforms, open source platforms, wikis, databank solutions, OERs… you name it.

It means only imagination is the limit for an innovative course design. Imagination and some understanding about why people should learn for the 21st century knowledge society in certain ways. Often in these discussions, the skills and knowledge are highlighted, but at the same time the affective and conative domain gets no attention. We need them too in order to tie education and learning to the larger global narrative.

Thanks @macurcher for sharing the post!


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