I had to change it back

Ok, it was an experiment gone wrong.

A while ago I changed my blog from English to Finnish instead of writing it just in English. I thought that in that way I could contribute to the discussion on Finnish forums on the topics of learning, communities and using social media to support these areas.

I noticed that I can’t do it anymore. I just have too many people around the world who can’t read Finnish.

I also experienced this the other way around. I’m currently continuing my [“formal”] studies with starting a Master’s programme in Instructional Design and Technology. It is entirely distant learning programme with an online community. I can’t wait to start! I went to check the participants and found one blog from the Web. I believe it was in Malaysia. Of course it got me reflecting how I was then feeling about not being able to read her blog because it’s wasn’t in English.

English is in a way our savior for global communication. In some unknown parallel universe it could’ve been some other language, who knows, but it doesn’t actually matter. What does matter, is that now we really are able to communicate with people around the world and we need to use that possibility.

So, if there’s any Finns out there who find it hard to read English [if you are reading the studies about our great schooling system, there shouldn’t be, right?], try harder. I’m through writing in Finnish as my aim is in the global scale.


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