“Ingredients for the New Golden Era” – Ilkka Halava at the Hub Tampere

We all already know that something has changed. Not everyone can define it, but often feel it, at least at heart.

Different generations have different ideas on how living your life should look like. Questions like are you just a cog of a faceless factory, or a dynamo of your own dreams are emerging. People are no longer settling to bad conditions, they are taking action and doing what’s good for them. Not merely for the society, for the community or for some organization they don’t even relate to.

New forms of working, organizing and living are trying to emerge from the land which was years sucked dry by the Industrial Era. I say trying, as there are many out there who fight against this change or try to ignore it, although it is inevitable.

What I liked in Ilkka’s presentation the most, was that he asked simple questions which people often don’t notice. There are many good questions we all should ask, which some would even take as taboos.

For example: Why is someone your boss? One thing I’ve also wondered, which Ilkka questioned, is, how can we run organizations like dictatorships? Why can’t we choose our bosses? Even better, why won’t we just start doing it?

To support this idea, I recently read, Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, a book about Israeli start-up scene. According to the writer, and what I happen to know about Israelis, is that they tend to question things and the status quo. This happens in the army and also in the work place: they also tend to get rid of bad bosses and other leaders if they see things are not working with them. People are used to ask the question “Why are you my boss, instead of I being yours?”.

We all should do this. This is also vital for those crying for innovations and better yet, for creating a better working environment. If we are not satisfied with our boss or the working culture, we should either try to change them or get the hell out. Fast. For me, these are the only useful options.

Whining and not doing anything isn’t an option. It’s merely running away from the responsibility and power we all have as human beings in creating a better working environment. Everywhere.

If you’re interested in reading the EVA report Kuluttajakansalaiset tulevat! (in Finnish, sorry :() by Ilkka Halava and Mika Pantzar, you can find it here [PDF].


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