Review: The Social Network

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This is going to be short. I liked the movie. Why? Because it reminded me that,

In some ways, we need more students like Zuckerberg in the world who want to do and experiment with things.

We need the attitude of developers and entrepreneurs who consider something so valuable that they aim and do it – and don’t just wait someone to hire them and if someone isn’t hiring them, they start to cry how evil the world is to them.

We need fun. Nothing should be too serious with tech. If you create meanings and fun for people, why in the world should you create it with a grumpy attitude, dude?

The movie was able to convey and raise emotions of excitement that only a human being//developer//entrepreneur who is creating something new can have.

It wasn’t too cheesy. Although there were a couple of those larger than life scenes, but hey, that’s Hollywood.

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One thought on “Review: The Social Network

  1. Nice post which I also agree with:D I’m still waiting to see the flick. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, it gets my own hopes up too.

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