Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning…

Wake up it's a beautiful morning...
Image by s0ulsurfing

I’m currently attending to a specialization study module in business development. Here’s a couple of thoughts I’ve been playing around after last weeks intensive but awesome business development workshops.

Why do we call some people Dinosaurs? Often because they are against change? In our current world of rapid change, the dinosaurs appear and vanish even faster.

The way you do things, the process, is important and will guide you in itself. If you want to learn things relevant to you, the best way is not to go to trainings, be disappointed by them and tell everyone that they suck – unless they really suck.

Dialogue and social learning is the key. And reading a hell of a lot of books and articles – which in my eyes is dialogue with people (i.e. the writers) whom you have never met. Also, find networks of your interests and learn and contribute to them. This is happening everywhere, in real life and in social media. And crisscross between these. Learn to use them efficiently.

Now someone says “But I’m not that social”. Well, if you are not a person who can do everything by himself, you just better learn to stand people a bit more as there’s no company in this world without a network. And solid good relationships of these networks mean how well the company succeeds.

The inner world reflects your outer world. This is true with people as it is with companies. In many studies good social relationships within the company correlated straight to the relationships with the clients.

“I don’t need to learn more”. Yes you do. Some more positive estimations are that in many fields the half-life of knowledge is 3 years. Good luck trying to cope with lessons learned in the 80’s – and you have already forgotten most of them anyway. But, no one can take your work experience away from you. We are talking about knowledge.

What and how much you learn today doesn’t matter as much, but how you learn it, how you take it to practice and how you build and change the blocks when the paradigm changes – as it always will. If you want to stay on top, you must learn anew.

And why not, isn’t learning supposed to be fun?

So be interested.


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