Gist the dots

Today I felt like a little kid with hand in the cookie jar. I’ve been a bit dormant during and after the summer to try out new services, but just recently as I read Mashable’s article about future CEOs using Social Media I got by an ad.

And I have to say that this isn’t too frequent behavior from me [or I’m just trying to convince me that], but this time the demand and the time was right for it.

I’ve been hoping for a web software to connect my many contacts and friends from different social services and gmail to one and see their information and activities clearly in one place. For example there are people mostly my email contacts who I didn’t even know to have a blog or a Twitter before this day as they have somehow buried them 6 feet under in their Facebook accounts. And so on.

This feels to me in a way as the most similar thing currently to a single web identity [or a hub] and of similar kind of services I’ve tried out in the past, until proven otherwise, Gist just might be the one closest to my hopes and needs. I’ve already tried a couple of services like this, but they have all been a bit too soft and shallow for my taste. Gist seems to do the tricks I need.

But anyway, If you’re interested to try out a software like this, check it out at and the new hub for my web presence here at

And no, they didn’t pay me anything for this ad sounding post. 😦


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