Presentation Notes 22.4. @Demola: Mobile Cloud Apps

Sami Inkinen – Mobile Cloud Apps

“I’ve always been doing cloud computing” Larry Ellison.

If you want to have a widely distributed app, you should think of doing it to mobile web. Browsers are already good enough, so usually it’s safe to think of doing this.

Some figures:

  • Total 325 000 web sites optimized for touch mobile usage
  • 200 000 mobile apps available from iPhone, Ovi, Android and Blackberry app stores (ABI Research, March 2010)
  • In 2008, already 42.8 million mobile cloud computing subscribers worldwide

Mobilization steps

1. Optimize usability for mobile
– New apps from scratch
– Migrating existing desktop Web apps

2. Make it behave like an app, not like Web page
– Fast response and response rates

3. Implement native look-and-feel
– Graphical elements and styling
– Effect libraries


  • Fast and cost-effective development
  • Seampless updates as software is entirely running on server
  • support across phone models and OS
  • Native application like look-and-feel possible


  • Higher data transfer rewuirements
  • Longer start-up time than with installed apps
  • Slower execution than native software
  • Limited offline usage
  • Limited access to phone peripherals
  • No app store marketing support (I don’t actually agree with this, because as I see it, it’s just a new affiliation model that is needed here)


Mobile apps based on cloud tech are a viable alternatives to native aps – for piloting and producing implementations alike.

Karri Huhtanen – Mobile cloud challenges


  • If you want to be born global, your service and apps must be built global.
  • A good, scalable architecture and code from the start is even more important than before. My comment: If you fail to give a good experience from the start, it just may be that they won’t come back.
  • From Slashdot effect to Facebook effect.


Reliability is provided by the cloud, endurance and robustness must be built by you.

Internet is broken –> connection between mobiles and services are and will be unreliable.

Your app and service must handle the Interner problems while maintaining good user experience. My comment: The problem is that you must find a reliable service provider. And the user, he or she doesn’t really care: if your connection suck, you suck. Even if it’s not “your fault”.


Q: Have to market your native apps without things like OVI store or Apple AppStore?
A: One possibility is in building a good brand around your company or service.
– Possibly other cloud stores.
– Of course Social media: through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. My comment: Actually it’s like in any good marketing; you have to have imagination, courage, know where your clients are and who they are, and in the top of it all: differentiate yourself from others and make an interesting product.

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