Site 2010 Notes: Westley Field: Emerging technologies

Westley Field: Emerging technologies – How They Affect Future Schooling and the Skills We Should Be Developing

A couple of thoughts from Westley’s inspirational presentation:
  • “I myself, am on Facebook all day, why shouldn’t they (the students) be?
  • Of course we allow them use mobile devices, it’s part of their lives.
  • If we’re blocking these technologies from children, we are denying them the skill of seeing differently, we’re denying them their future jobs.
  • I don’t like the term “digital immigrants”. It’s that some are just more experienced than the others and the others should, and can, learn more.
  • In opposed to $ 25 000 ad campaign, my friends did their own video about a product they liked. Cost: $ 2.20, the cost of the product (snacks).”
Other things to check out and think about:
  • QR codes, where could you use them?
  • Augmented reality + thin screens = ? What about wearable glasses to wear which show you additional information based on your location?
  • Google up “Sitting down is bad for you”.
  • Will tablets kill desktops and laptops? –They got almost everything in them and even easier to carry around than laptops.
  • Motion magazines; How could they change copy and text and the use of images or motion pictures in a magazine. How about additional information in articles? Zooming in to things like human anatomy; body > chest > heart > animated “how heart works”.
  • Future jobs: Virtual Lawyer. If you are a global, virtual company, could you have a virtual lawyer too?

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