San Diego – Day 1

The Flight went OK. Basically I didn’t even notice it happening as I was reading The Facebook Story by Sarah Lacy all the time.

The book was OK in many parts, but maybe some of those cheesy personal descriptions could’ve been left out. Well, maybe they put up the context better. I have to say, that I look on entrepreneurship in a different angle now after reading the book and there’s going to be some serious changes happening in my processes doing things, occurring right now!

A funny thing that happened in Chicago, was that I had to take another flight than the rest of our group, because of overbooking, and I had to travel the rest of the trip alone. Well, enough time for me to finnish the rest of the book then!

Oh yes, the only thing I happened to see about Chicago was Chicago style Hod Dog in the airport. Juicy and tasty. My 1st real Hod Dog in the States. I will cherish the moment 4ever. 😀

Another surprise was there as I entered San Diego: All of our ‘coalitions’ luggage had arrived with me. Someone could wonder how is this even possible?

Well, taking the cart and the 3 big cases and off to find the loop bus to Sheraton, which was a bit late, because of some water had blocked the road or something.

After I got to Sheraton, the check-in went fine, got a shower (YES!) and even worked a little bit in the lobby and ate a hamburger, a real American style, medium cooked hamburger. Not some dry copy, but a greasy fat one. Tasted good, but I consider staying on a hamburger/hot dog diet the rest of the trip a bad option or I really have to work out when I get back to Finland and my gym there.

4 great fluffy pillows… do I need to say more?

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