Make Your Own Game

Now when businesses and the guys who used to shout “Geeks!” are warming up for the Social Web, there are plenty of people running around trying to figure out how to benefit from the current Web. Some try to find this out by listening to the experts [who may or may not know] and some try to figure the game by themselves – which may or may not work. So what’s the outcome going to be?

There are still people who think the social Web is something of a fad and nothing more than that. When you look the world currently around you, I understand it may be confusing, but clearly something is happening, something is bubbling underneath.

There are people asking how to live in this digitized amplification of reality? How to cope?

Maybe the reason people are so perplexed, is that they are waiting for some kind of rules to drop on their laps [there are of course books, but just reading them won’t do you any good] and then, just then, they can start to play. However that may just be too late.

There are no right answers for how to use Social Media for b2b, or to marketing [these as an example of “lately frequently heard”], but instead there are good ideas and options. As James Surowiecki says in his interesting book The Wisdom of the Crowds; Don’t just chase the expert. Think about your reasons and your goals, and know your own business, and most of all, know yourself.

You have to bend the Web to your own needs, play [remember, like when you were a kid?] and try things out what suits you, see what other people are doing. Don’t just toss everything “Me, Me, ME!” in there. Think about it for a second, how would you react if someone was just talking about themselves? Try to navigate using your social intelligence – and thus read more Daniel Goleman.

About the question, how to make your own game, I can just give you a hint: It’s not by playing by the old rules.


2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Game

  1. You’re right that it is better start with playing around, especially if you are in selling to people business. If you get familiar with user view and what effects you, it will be easier to start your own campaigns. That has been most effective way to work in the web through whole history of commercial internet – whach others and copy, don’t try to be too innovative until you master your field! Mastering internet is not goal, it is side effect of well done process.

  2. Thanks for commenting Janne!

    Like you said, it is vital to know what you [doesn’t matter if it’s you as a person or your company] is about. This has an effect in everything: how you communicate, what’s your message, how do you develop, who is your customer and how you can find them and how you are allowed to be acquainted with them.

    And I really like your last sentence: Mastering is a process, not a goal. Mastering, in all forms of life, is made of focus and well done iteration, happening over a period of time. The wrong actions with current Web for example, is to try to get a quick fix or try to bend it to be like a traditional mass marketing media.

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