The End of Possession to Possess
Image by sparktography

I used to buy CD’s but now listen to Spotify and Internet radio channels like Limbik Frequencies.

I used to buy comics from a bookstore, but now read Savage Chickens.

I used to order magazines and a newspaper, but now read RSS and blogs and Twitter and… well, the Web.

I don’t try to hide my “killer ideas”, but I spread them to the web and see how people may take them.

I don’t lurk in the shadows saying “I could do that”, and watch others achieve great things. Instead I participate. Thus I don’t even possess ‘jealousy’, that warm comforting feeling, anymore.

“You can buy it for you to own” as they say in the Spotify’s advert, isn’t thing I consider familiar to me anymore. It’s just because I don’t want it to be mine.

So, what other things are still out there not to be possessed?


2 thoughts on “The End of Possession to Possess

  1. The same thing goes for immaterial things like learning and expertise. In the old world order, knowing something nobody else knew was an asset, both in school and in business. Now, knowing something you can share with someone who knows something else you both can share with a third party who still knows something else is a far greater asset than the first one ever was. The power of networks is, that 1+1 is not 2, it’s much more.

    But this is something young students still haven’t learned very well. It’s sometimes very hard to encourage them to genuinely cooperate, throw in unfinished thoughts, test, try and play. The old world is still alive and kicking in the school system, and before we’ll be able to throw it out of the school doors for good, the idea of distributed expertise is not able to flourish as it could.

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