Hockey Teams Let Their Players Shine – Why Shouldn’t You?

Image by nac888

Sometimes corporations try to shut their people up. Why?

Do you happen to know ice hockey? Well, who are the ones always interviewed and who create the name and value for the team? The key players, the stars.

What do companies do? They let marketing people or some of the boring executives do the talking with their same old, heard-this-a-thousand-times key phrases. Of course there are differences in execs, some of them are even inspirational like largely praised Steve Jobs of Apple, but we could say that in many cases they are mostly boring.

Why instead not throwing your greatest players out there once in a while and let them shine? Give them the mandate ans let them do the marketing. Do you happen to know anyone who don’t want to be praised and have recognition about what they do at work?

So what if someone tries to buy them out from your team? If you have enough challenge for them, a good team like family and a good pay, why would they even leave? If these areas aren’t in harmony, they would most likely leave in some point anyway – so you people out there still sticking with your jobs you don’t like, think about it for a while, yes? So eventually, what are you going to loose?

And in the end, so what if they leave? They could take your key customers, they could take their expertise, but in a way, isn’t it your own fault if your company tumblers and falls because of this. And if this happens, well, sleeves up and start building a new one. The world won’t miss one company.

I recently read Ross Dawson’s blogpost which discussed about who should be allowed communicate in companies and why not to let them blog. I don’t know why, but I just needed to compare this to ice hockey.

EDIT: Here’s also what Jari Parantainen has said about this topic (in Finnish)

Thanks to @khuhtanen for providing the link!


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