IBP Kansainvälistymisklinikka Tampere Event at Demola

Image by Stephen Poff [image not related to the program, just my own imagination to put it here]

Visited Demola today in an international business event. Here’s something about the program behind it: http://www.digibusiness.fi/portal/digibusiness_klusteri/international_business_program

The event and the food was great [thanks for the organizers! ;)] and I met many interesting people – as it usually seems to be the case at Demola.

A couple of advices came to mind for those who were presenting their business ideas at the event.

1. Learn how to give a good presentation, now.

You won’t go far, at least internationally, if you don’t know how. If this is something that terrifies you, embrace it how you feel, it’s natural, and turn your thoughts in the reward that’s waiting for you when you deliver the perfect pitch. See yourself doing it, and start practicing.

If you feel you don’t want to do pitching and it’s too awful for you, like Harri Länsipuro from XN-Ventures said at the event, get someone else to do it.

2. This one is related to the previous: Ignore the microphone.

Meaning, do not refer to it anyway in your presentation unless the mic dies. It just makes you look like a newbie. So what if you haven’t spoken to a mic that many times? They don’t need to know it and they don’t know it unless you make it a big deal.

You’re there selling your product and that’s the only thing they need to be hearing. Nuff said.

3. Loosen up and be your positive and funny self.

If you don’t know how to be or even look positive, learn it from somewhere – watch stand up or something. Do you think people need to listen to you if you’re dull like cardboard?

4. Be personal.

Yes, this is a bit different from the previous and truly a notch up. This means, throw a bit personality in the game and think alternative routes [styles, sentences, tone etc.] how to present your thing, and try to get contact with the audience.

Some of the people in your audience hear start-up pitches hundreds per year. How are you going to stand out from them?

But hey, what do I know, I was there just as an audience. 😉


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