Question About Trust

This post is written because of two things made me think about trust:

  1. I’m currently reading a book called Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith,
  2. And I’m also going to join a community of entrepreneurs in The Hub concept, which is based on an idea of trust and open working environment. In every meeting we’ve had someone in the audience questioning the aspect called trust.

I tend to trust people, maybe even a bit more than average, and it makes me feel a bit sad when people who are thinking of joining this kind of community start questioning trust and how it is even possible to achieve in places like The Hub.

In a way I believe this is the same thing that you have with faith: Tell me there’s God and I have faith. The idea behind the so called blind faith is that it’s blind faith.

I consider the same thing with trust. After all it’s even simpler than faith: Just start trusting. It derives from you, not from what others may or may not do.

There are still people who seem to question trust and take it lightly or as something Utopian. To those, I have to throw an idea or a question: how do you believe it affects trust if you know someone and have the power to tell everyone about him and that this information could remain visible forever?

If I scam you, you have dozens of ways of spreading the message that this guy isn’t right – this channel is called the Web, if you didn’t guess already.

So, what do you think about trust now?


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