Old World Versus the New World

Image by Dean Ayres

I just can’t help seeing a pattern here:


The Old Way:
“No, we can’t order that device for you to work with as it is a model for the executives.”

The New Way:
“Yay, what a cool gadget! We should get those to everyone who wants them as they are so cool and they would benefit all of us and we could work so much better with them and even the WordPress runs so smoothly in it so it’s easier for us to update our blogs with them and they are just a few dollars more than the other one we were thinking of. And they are so cool too!

Innovation (Part 1)

The Old Way:
“OK, let’s set a date to innovate. It can’t be in the morning because everyone is so tired, at noon there’s lunch and after that everyone is also too tired. Maybe at three o’clock in the afternoon we could spare a 30 minutes in the conference room. Let’s make it quick so we get home a bit earlier.”

The New Way:
“Coool, we get to play! *In this point someone – without even thinking of having to make a unanimous decision about it – sets up a Wave [inviting all the participants] where everyone toss their ideas and comment and edit each others ideas. They may or may not meet face to face and editing the Wave happens when happens [during the so-called “normal” working hours or at night if someone likes to work at 3 a.m. while playing Batman], but it happens.


The Old Way:
“No, we can’t just go jumping in because there are security issues…on something, aren’t there?”

The New Way:
“Coool, let’s make it open to everyone and thus get a larger audience, media coverage and people telling us what’s wrong with it!”

Innovation (Part 2)

The Old Way:
“No that doesn’t probably work, no one has done it like that before. Is it even legal?”

The New Way:
“- How about creating a diving center in the middle of nowhere where there’s no sea or lakes?
– Yeah, why not! There’s not one here currently, but because there’s no sea, we can’t only live with diving so should we turn the center as a 50’s style of Hawaii bar in the evening serving sturdy 5$ drinks, let’s also allow smoking, play Elvis and even put there a toilet seat that opens automatically and plays music as the customer stays there!
– Why not. Let’s give it a try!”

Well, maybe there’s a pinch of utopia here but one can’t stop wishing and trying, right? 😉

P.s. The part about the bar/diving center is true.


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