“Quality Customer Service”


It doesn’t mean anything if you have a pin in your shirt that says “Quality customer service” if you look like you have eaten a flock of lemons.

Customer service isn’t mechanically repeating “Thanks”, “The price is…” and “Please” in the right time, but the attitude behind the words is what counts. Toss even a smile on top of everything! How hard is that?

I made the ultimate mistake in visiting Japan. There the customer feels that his or her visit [and money] is appreciated.

When you walk in to a store, there’s always someone welcoming you in with a “Irasshaimase!”, always. I cannot understand how hard is it in Finland to at least say hello and smile. I’ve seen many times how the sales people turn their heads away when there’s a customer entering the store. And this cannot be because of too many customers, because I can say that there are a lot more shoppers in Japan than there are in Finland.

This type of behavior has an effect on how people buy. I’ve come to notice that at least I spend money more easily when the atmosphere is right.

I know I’ve been writing about this issue before, but I just can’t stop til the end of time or until the situation turns to better.


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