Back from the holidays!

Image taken at Mister Doughnut at Nara, Japan. Great doughnuts!

Hopefully you all had a nice Christmas holiday and a happy new year, I know that at least I had.I was visiting Japan from the end of December to January 8th and had a blast. The country is just awesome and hugely interesting: great food, polite people, convenience, old shrines and temples, great parks and carps, toilets that automatically open the lid, play music, wash you bum and even dry it!

I have to write more about our great experience as there is lot to be learned from the Japanese culture, for example in innovation and customer service. Or how do you like the idea of a PADI diving center that in the evening turns in to a 50’s Hawaii bar?! And no, there wasn’t even a sea nearby!

More about these things soon as I get my act together. And the stupid flu I got isn’t making things any easier. 😦

Oh and btw, I created myself a Tumblir account to quick post things that are too short or otherwise not fit in the blog. If you’re interested, go check it out here and start following! I’ll see you around!


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