Is It Necessary to Block Us?

I’m in a lucky situation. My boss is a reasonable guy who understands the benefits of using social media and doesn’t complain me instant messaging during the office hours. That’s because he is me. Not all people are as lucky. Why is that, I’d like to know?

Even from the golden land of social media opportunities [which is U.S., if you didn’t guess] one can many times hear news about companies trying to restrict or even block the usage of social services during the office hours. This next TED video got me thinking of why is that and what that really means to us in the meta level as persons.

What is there so dangerous in this kind of natural social behavior of humans wanting to be in touch with others, other than leaking corporate secrets and sometimes wasting valuable work time? These former shouldn’t happen if you have good people working for you and you treat them nicely – if you don’t, isn’t that, in both cases, kind of your own fault then anyway?

Check out the embedded video “Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet enables intimacy”. I hope you too find it waking up some thoughts.


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