Is Facebook phishing my Gmail?

Image by Vitó

I’ve had two cases with Facebook suggesting me friends that it shouldn’t know are in any way connected to me – this has also happened to my fiancee.

What makes this odd is that one of these people has been a guest house owner in France and we only had a brief exchange of messages with him before our trip. We don’t have his name or photo of him or his guest house in Facebook.

So, I’d like to know how is this possible? There must be some way that Facebook had this information from my Gmail account, there’s no other place where we have discussed of these things. There’s also another case backing up this theory.

And no, I haven’t even given Facebook the possibility to hook me up with my Google account. So there must be something that I don’t know. Do you?


6 thoughts on “Is Facebook phishing my Gmail?

  1. A simple solution is that while you haven’t authorized Facebook to access your Gmail contacts, the other person has. Facebook simply matches the email associated with your account with the other person’s Gmail contacts.

  2. One possibility is that he has searched contacts from Facebook using his contact list in whatever mail service he’s using. If you are on that list, then Facebook knows about that now and suggests him as your friend.

    But… I don’t know. I hope FB isn’t phishing.

  3. One simple solution might also be that FB is monitoring and logging the searches we do to find potential friends. Thus if somebody is doing a search for us, the FB might “help us” by suggesting that this person could be your friend.

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