Be Passionate About It!

Image by Pat McDonald (off and on)

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

A while ago I had an experience where I spoke with another person about social media, just pondering out loud what exciting things it could bring us. This actually wasn’t our topic of discussion at all, but I remember the deep synergy that build during the conversation. You know, a genuine two-way communication where you finish the other person’s sentences and she does the same with yours.

The conversation of course eventually ended, we both went our own ways and I didn’t think of the situation that much after that – mostly in a way like “Gosh, I really had a good talk with that person”.

Then afterward someone close to this person came to me and said what the other person had said about me after the conversation, how I seemed like a fella who was really into the subject I was talking about and really passionate about it. Our actual topic, why we originally began to talk, never came up.

So where am I getting with this? I’m saying: people tend to forget that showing the passion for the things they love to do is also their best self-marketing tool.

I’m not talking about something fake and acted, I’m talking something that comes from within; about a humble but crisp attitude where you talk boldly about your field of interest. This also means recognizing other people to be in the same line with you, not always with the same opinion as yours, even if they happen to be your competitors.

If you have really found your field, your main passion in life, you know it. This type of talk filled with blaze and energy comes naturally after that.

Try to remember the last time you were in a situation where someone told you something in an enthusiastic manner, what an effect did it have in you? Most likely it made you feel great and interested in the subject, even wanting to hear more, right?

Compare that great experience to a situation where you had to listen to your chemistry or history teacher [bald middle aged chap dressed in tweed or other things whose color is derived from sand] who was standing there like an amoeba and talking with monotonic voice, without any passion at all. I guess you felt like never wanting to hear more about these things in the future, right?

Which of these effects would you like to give to other people?

I remember last summer when I visited Catalonia, I happened to have the privilege of visiting a small chapel in the country side. The guide of the place came to talk about it even on a Sunday and boy, he was something else! It seemed he couldn’t hold his pants on when talking about the amazing history of the church – it was like this small chapel was something really unique in the whole wide world! He really transferred his excitement of the subject into us too.

Of course there are different types of people, some don’t show their feelings in the same magnitude, but then again we humans tend do learn, right? And would you leave something like this unused if you knew it was getting you some place else?


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