Learning with Email Newsletters…

Image by Amnemona

…isn’t the way for me. I’ve subscribed to a couple of interesting websites where I get few mails per week of some topics that I find interesting. The emailing is slowly killing my interest in these contents.

Email seems to be a wrong kind of a class room for me. When I check my mail account, I try to do it quickly and efficiently – no one really likes to spend time with it, right? This also affects how I read the mails I should like.

I read them like running and toss them away or archive them, most likely never to return to them. What a waste of time and the original purpose is lost; I subscribed to them to learn something new, not to get a panic attack or an information overflow.

I believe that, for me at last, RSS reader is still a better way to go through short materials like these, but still, book’s still the number one. I like the contrast in the moment when I don’t have to watch the computer screen I watch for so many hours per day. And it’s more fun and relaxing to lay in the couch too. 😉


One thought on “Learning with Email Newsletters…

  1. I like this concept… I have noticed most automatically created e-mails end up very fast in junk-box, I haven’t really thought about why? Sometimes I’ve noticed many of those mails were actually quite interesting.

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