My Internet Connection is Up and Running. Yay!

Image by The Eggplant

One cannot understand what it is today when your connection is down. It’s hard.

And I don’t mean hard as in “I feel bad” way, but hard in a way that you cannot pay your bills or write your blog and other stuff as well. So hard in a difficult way.

I tried to do many things with my mobile connection, I even had the new n97 mini to accompany me with this. But it isn’t the same and some things don’t even work with mobile. For example one unmentioned ticket service had their Next Step key somehow disabled when connecting their site with a mobile device. That kinda makes your life difficult. Well, I got the ticket when I went and leeched a bit to other people internet connections. Thanks to them, they know who they are. 😀

I’m now very happy with my new service provider and the connection. They opened it right on the day when they were supposed to and everything’s running as it should – of course we’ll see about that how long and how’s the customer service later on. But now I’m happy as a happy can be. I can even watch trailers of poor movies as HD and it doesn’t even blink. Life’s little joys, I know.

One of the biggest joys is of course that I can also write here again. I have to say, that after these two weeks, I have encountered many interesting things.


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